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Create a profile with Ethnic Model Profiles. Upload your photos and connect with other Chicago professionals to find work and complete your projects!
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Upload your Fashion, Runway, Sports, Casual, Swimwear, photos and more. Create your online portfolio. Share your photos with potential clients and fans.
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Travel Notices

Models, photographers & industry professionals submit a travel notice to let potential employers know that you are in the area and available for work.

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Create a group about modeling, photography and industry topics. Groups are a great way for people with a common interest to communicate.
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Casting Calls

Casting Calls

Casting Calls are always a great way to search for new models, photographers & actors. Submit or search casting calls in US and the surrounding countries.
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Start a discussion about modeling, photography and other industry topics. Learn how to update your pofile, submit casting calls and more.
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Business Pages

Create your own business page. Post updates about your company. A business page is a great place for future employers and customers to stay connected with you.

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